Below are some common questions that people asked about my service. Hopefully that answers yours as well.

What time will you have me ready on Wedding day?

I ensure that hair and makeup services are finished 30 minutes prior to the photographer arrival time. In the event that a photographer will not be in attendance, we will finish services 1 to 1.5 hours prior to your departure time.

How much time should I allow on my schedule for the makeup

On average, please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour per person for makeup services and 1 hour per person for hair services, however, times may vary depending on the style of makeup chosen, the length and thickness of hair, and the hairstyle chosen. We also allow set up time, spare time and consultation time (if you did not have a trial).

Why should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding day?

When investing so much money, time, and effort into one day, it is important that you also invest in your hair and makeup. Your hair and makeup will be captured in both video and photos, both of which will serve as lasting memories of your special day. A professional knows how to apply your makeup and style your hair so that it lasts the entire day. They are also trained in how to apply makeup for high definition technology, including videography and photography, so that your makeup not only looks beautiful in person but also in photos and on video.

What makeup products do you use?

The hair and makeup products include but are not limited to the following professional brands:
Makeup Forever
Laura Mercier
Bobbi Brown

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is makeup that is applied using a compressor and airbrush gun, much similar to that which spray painters use to spray cars, but in a much smaller size. Airbrush makeup is smudge proof, tear proof, water resistant, lasts at least 14 hours (and that’s being conservative), and creates a beautiful flawless base. It can be applied with a light, medium, or full coverage, with a matt or dewy finish. It is my favourite and recommended application of makeup for events where you want your makeup to last all day without the need for touch ups.

What kind of makeup do you recommend for mature age client?

We recommend hand applied makeup for mature age clients, as this type of makeup application is much gentler and more suitable for mature skin.

I have sensitive skin and / or allergies are you still able to provide services?

We offer hair and makeup services to those with sensitive skin and/ or allergies. In the event of sensitive skin, I will do a small swatch of products on your skin (back of the ear) to check for any reactions prior to commencing services. For those with allergies, I will check ingredients of products to be used and if it is still unknown if a product contains an ingredient that the client is allergic to, may use the client’s products to ensure no allergic reactions.

What is the ‘All Day Bridal Service’?

For those that want to be treated like a princess for the day, we offer the ‘All Day Bridal Service’. I will attend to all of your touch-up needs throughout your photograph shooting sessions and prior to your reception, ensuring that your makeup and hair continue to look perfect. I can even revamp your makeup for your reception, taking it from day to evening.

How do I get a copy of your Terms and Conditions?

Please contact me here to request a copy of my Terms and Conditions.

Should I have a trial prior to my wedding?

We recommend that all brides have a trial for their wedding. A trial is an integral part of planning your hair and makeup look. Not only does it give you the opportunity to try out your hair and makeup look prior to your wedding day, but it also gives you the opportunity to make changes should you wish to do so. We can also assess the condition of your hair and skin and give you helpful hints in order to prepare for your special day. Finally, having a trial with me prior to the day allows you to meet me in person and get to know me, so that on your wedding day you feel like you are sharing your special day with someone you know, not a complete stranger. If you do decide not to have a trial prior to your wedding day, then additional time will need to be allowed on your wedding day for a consultation and charges will apply accordingly.

Do my bridesmaids, Mother-of-the-Bride, and Mother-of-the-Groom need to have a trial?

It is completely up to you whether you just have a trial for yourself or whether you would like others to trial their wedding day look too. Regardless, the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup look are discussed in the consultation time at your trial.

What happens at a trial?

Your trial will include a thorough consultation. We discuss your desires for you and your bridal parties’ hair and makeup, and go through pictures of looks that you like. Be prepared for lots of questions as we establish what you and your bridesmaids are wearing, the colour of dresses, flowers, where you’ll be getting married, the time of the day, the season and possible weather, in order to plan and design a look suitable for you! Once the consultation is complete I’ll style your hair and makeup as I would on the day. On completion of your trial, photographs will be taken and records made in order for me to be able to reproduce your look on your special day. Any changes to hair and makeup will be noted and I encourage you to contact me at any time after your trial to discuss any changes to your look or wedding day plans.

Can my bridal party attend my trial?

We recommend that your bridal party do not attend your trial. Your trial is a time for us to meet and undertake a thorough consultation about your hair and makeup for your wedding day, prior to styling hair and applying makeup. Having too many people present can cause distractions and make it harder for a one-on-one consultation. However, if you do wish to bring someone along to your trial, we recommend that you only bring one person who you trust and who will contribute positively towards your trial.

How much time do you allow for hair and / or makeup trials?

Hair Trials: 1.5hours
Makeup Trials: 1.5 hours

Do I need to bring anything to my trial?

If you have some photos as reference, or you have certain hair accessories that you want to be used on your wedding day, please bring along to the trial.

Contact me here to arrange a trial. Bookings are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Once a date and time has been set, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice for payment.

Where do you conduct your makeup business?

I am a qualified mobile hair and makeup artist located in Adelaide, South Australia. I come to your place to provide the makeup and hair services.
However, if you do not have an appropriate venue, these services are also available in my home salon in Gilles Plains, SA 5086. Full address given after booking.

Can I find you on social media?

Yes! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow me and like my page!

What qualifications do you hold?

I hold a Certificate III in Makeup Services from Media Makeup, and both Classic and Advance Lash Extension Certificates from LeLash Beautique Academy

I had your service and I really like it, how can I leave you a feedback?

Thank you! I am glad you appreciate my service. Please leave me a feedback on Google or on Facebook!